They Laughed When I Walked Up To The Tee Box...But When I Hit The Ball!

Tom had just teed off. He crushed it 280 yards as the looks of jealousy formed in the eyes of the other two golfers.

I was up next. I heard one of the guys say “Can he even drive from the black tees? Maybe we should let him tee off on the white tees.” The other two laughed.

I paid no attention to them. I did what I always do. I went through my pre-shot routine…and to their absolute dismay…rocketed the ball 325 yards down the middle of the fairway.

I turned back to the look of the jaw-dropping disbelief on the faces of the guys behind me.

Their pale, color-drained faces said it all…”How could this 150 pound Indian kid crush a ball 40 yards past “Big Tom?”"

They didn’t look upset though. They looked curious.

They asked me how I did it.

I just said…

Well, actually — I can’t tell you exactly what I said right here on this page because my subscribers would be furious…but if you are truly interested in hitting lethal, bone-crushing tee shots…put your email in the box below to get on my daily email list and I’ll tell you what I told them.

If not, no hard feelings. I don’t mind keeping this secret to myself and the select few golfers that want to absolutely obliterate their tee shots.

Here’s just a fraction of what you will learn on the other side:

  • What you are doing with your legs that the pros aren’t
  • Why your arms are costing you 15 yards or more on every single shot
  • The reason why “swinging harder” does not result in hitting farther
  • The one thing you aren’t doing that is costing you 30 yards or more on your drive…before you even start your swing (I call this one the “Quasi Moto” because it hit me while my little cousin was watching the Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • Plus…little-known swing tips, grip tweaks, foot positions, and mind-set beliefs of the world’s longest hitters…

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